Open Doors

Open Doors

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Transecting dimension
Scattered in all directions

Pieces hiding in the shadows
Understanding swirls every which way

Messages lie scattered
Absorbing into the soul

On a whim’s notice
A tiny tribute
To our very existence

Small shadows in the dust
We lie awake

Resting and breathing
Flowing with the flow

Each day we rise
Hoping wishing breathing

Pushing forward
Stringing together

The fine pieces of our life puzzle

These intricate details
Manifest into knowing

Blowing, growing
Showing the path

A gift from the universe

Gratitude we give,
Offering messages of love

That touch the heart,
Opening doors

As such, a light is lit
Into tomorrow, each day and beyond

Life Circles


The Hudson River from the Hospital by Sima Pendharkar

Our life circles

Glowing in Laughter, love and Hope
Like glitter, Chosen with Care

Dancing Somewhere in the Spaces
Hiding in between
Distant memories

Robbing the Canvas
Of it’s tranquil nothingness
But easily discarded
Yielding a Treasure of vast space – openness

Time transects

And so we weave
Bursts of joy, laughter
Hope, melodies resounding
Shouting with warmth

Perpetual waves from our heart

Coming to life
The sails set free

Off into the horizon

That is where we can arrive

Upon an infinite space
The most Majestic destination

Brimming with the unknown
A bold treasure to Behold

© Sima Pendharkar October 2014


psychedleic sunset

Psychedelic Sunset, photo credit to

Let the leaves that blow

Move you up,

Up and away

As you sail straight ahead

Walk with a smile

Holding your head towards the horizon

Let it’s orange warmth

Touch your heart as it may

Illuminating your wishes,

Lighting your smile

Allowing you to pray

And Letting you play

Always Walk into the Sunshine,

And forever,

That is where you will stay.

© Sima Pendharkar September 2014



Toiling away

Always growing into the Light

Our energetic fields

Lifting us with Might

Glimmering yesteryears

Often making us

Ever transcending, rising above

Shining beyond Height

Up to the Majestic reaches

Hope Joy Within

At one with the elemental flow

A force of nature

Then we come to know

A pause, a thunder

And now,

We can embrace our show

© Sima Pendharkar August 2014

On Doctoring

On Doctoring

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An exchange of knowing

A plane of understanding

Share your path with me

And I with you

Our roads,

Melding, intersecting, transecting

Understanding begins

And from here

It Unravels,

Knowing and beyond

Guiding us ahead

Together We come to know

Forging a new path

Healing, growth and regeneration

Are perpetual

Infinitely unfolding

And together

That is how we Go

© Sima Pendharkar May 2014



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Falling through the fields

Dancing in the sky,

The afternoon sun

Glittered and glimmered high above

Warming the earth

From that majestic plane

Moving us every which way

The exact direction

Highlighted ever so slightly

But as we came to understand

It was not the knowing or the direction

That would guide us in any particular moment

Or shape our hopes, lying within

The sparkling rays

Of light and energy

Beaming from above, around and within

Sustained our inner ray of potential

And renewal

A magnetic field of guidance

Like a lighthouse’s beam

On a dark foggy night

Bringing us


Into the Light

© Sima Pendharkar April 2014



Photocredit to Supernova remnant 1E 0102.2-7219.


All the roads

Leading to the edge

Came and went

Flashing beyond into the distance

A wide space

Appeared just above the horizon

Allowing the senses to awaken

In a way that was new

One that transpired

What the imagination could conceive

And when it appeared

Just so faintly

The horizon’s promise

Embellished in its novelty,

Lending itself

To a distinct set of discoveries

A new space


By the noise

Born into existence,

Once again blurred, But so clear

All the answers that never were

Propelling Us Forward

Fueled with Intuitive Knowing

A Plane of perpetual Understanding

Existing always,

For the Ever Into the Tomorrow

© Sima Pendharkar February 2014

Ocean Song

Those songs, lying in the tides

Their beats infused with harmony

Rolling in day after day

With the Promise of constant regeneration

Hope that bellows into an eternal space.

Peering from within

Smiling from above

Over and over again,

I feel it coming in,

I know how it goes,

Because I sing it too,

Those songs,

They come from within.

© Sima Pendharkar November 2013


The things that we did not hear or see

Once took us far away

Now with the doors open

Grounded in the Moment

Entrenched in the Journey of Here and Now

Embarking far ahead

Towards the Promises that were once Tucked Away

Knowing became familiar

And each Day became Lighter

Every new dawn full of hope, laughter and Joy.

© Sima Pendharkar October 2013



Northern Lights (photo credit given to

Wondrous blue sky,

Floating above throughout the day

The keeper of our dreams,

Up, up and away

When the Night-time comes,

It holds all the tiny pieces that may,

One day light up our hearts

Bringing cherished wishes and hopes

Earthbound, here to stay

Forever is but a dream

But when it finally collides

The pieces from the dark sky night,

Touch the very moments of our lives

Feeding us with courage, hope and joy

To go in search of the path,

That can manifest our dreams,

In every single way

© Sima Pendharkar September 2013